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Archive | February, 2012

Kitchen Island Lights Done Right

How to properly light an island can become a daunting task. It is helpful to decide whether you want regular illumination for cooking purposes, hanging island lights for ambiance, or accent lights to draw attention to a particular feature. Choosing kitchen lights based your needs: I want to see to cook and clean. Ceiling or [...]

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10 Tips to Spring Life Into Your Home

Does winter seem to be dragging? Channel your energy toward something positive with a little spring cleaning! A few basic changes to revamp your home, such as adding table top lamps to your existing furniture will make you feel accomplished without breaking the bank. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be dreadful, put on some comfy [...]

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Make Your Room Chandelier Chic!

Not sure what features to add to a drab room to make it chic? Believe it or not, classic eighteenth century lighting fixtures are making a fabulous comeback and are known as mini chandeliers! Whether you want a room to have an extravagant look or a modern feel chandeliers will do the trick. Mini chandeliers [...]

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How Lighting Affects a Room’s Feng Shui

In case you didn’t know, Feng Shui is simply how humans interact with the environment around them; it is about creating an atmosphere around you that surrounds you with positive energy in order to succeed. Relocating furniture in your home and adding different types of lighting, which is the strongest demonstration of energy, can make [...]

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