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Archive | August, 2012

How to Light your Home: Room-to-Room

Designs for home lighting are best accomplished on a room-by-room basis with reference to seasonal changes insunlight. Exterior and interior lighting can compliment or detract from home décor, so it is essential to choose the correct fixtures for the optimal light level needed for a room’s function. A south-facing orangery and a playroom orient to [...]

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How to make your home more cozy with Interior and Exterior Lighting

A cozy home is one with proper lighting arranged for the purpose of each room and outdoor living area. Placement of interior and exterior lighting is best done in coordination with the seasonal change in degree of sunlight. It may seem like summer provides the optimal ambient light, but this light is often blocked both [...]

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Assessing Household Lighting Needs During Seasonal Transitions

The transition to fall summons a variety of activity and environment changes, and one of the least noticed but most important changes is that of natural lighting.  You already notice the length of the days shortening, but as summer’s heat fades into fall, you may be so consumed with the bustle of the season that [...]

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One Last Shin-Dig: End of Summer Party Recipes and Tips

With summer on its way out and fall on its way in, the time for summer parties is coming to a close. Why not throw one last summer barbeque to commemorate a perfect transition into autumn? With exterior wall lights and these recipes, you will have the perfect get-together for you and your friends to [...]

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