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Archive | October, 2012

Fluorescent Lights are an Ideal Choice for a Garage or Workshop

If you’ve ever tried to work with your hands in a dimly lit environment, you know how important quality lighting can be. That is why Lighting and Locks recommends reliable fluorescent lighting fixtures for all garage and workshop applications. Fluorescent lights offer bright even light that can help you enhance the quality of your work, [...]

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Outdoor Motion Lights are an Inexpensive Way to Protect your Home

When it comes to home security there are many devices designed to keep your home safe and secure from property damage or theft. None of these options are as inexpensive and effective at deterring would be criminals than good lighting. Outdoor motion lights are a simple solution that can keep your home safe at night. [...]

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Ceiling Fans are a Great Way to Reduce Your Winter Heating Costs

As the weather cools down and our heaters start turning on, we thought it was a good time to talk about saving money on your heating bill. When it comes to ceiling fans, we usually associate them with cooling things off. In some homes the ceiling fan only gets a workout for half of the [...]

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Create a More Dramatic and Functional Kitchen with Under Cabinet Lighting

For most kitchens, lighting consists of an overhead fixture or recessed lighting in the soffits above the cabinets. This has been the common approach to kitchen lighting for many years. But the reality is these lighting setups are not the most efficient way to light a work space. After all, the kitchen is supposed to [...]

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