Ceiling Fans are a Great Way to Reduce Your Winter Heating Costs

Ceiling fan

Reversing the direction of your ceiling fan is an easy way to save money

As the weather cools down and our heaters start turning on, we thought it was a good time to talk about saving money on your heating bill. When it comes to ceiling fans, we usually associate them with cooling things off. In some homes the ceiling fan only gets a workout for half of the year. Once the summer has passed the flip is switched and forgotten until spring starts to warm things up again.

The only switch that needs to be flipped is the fan’s directional switch. Since hot air naturally rises, it collects at the highest point in a room. By reversing the direction of a fan’s rotation it draws air up from the floor, out across the ceiling and back down to the floor along the walls. Reversed ceiling fans help to move the heat around the room without creating the breezy feeling of a fan in the summer.

By running your ceiling fans on their lowest setting throughout the winter, you can expect to save around 10% on your heating costs, because you are no longer wasting money heating the air above your head. This is especially important in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings. You will also notice the added benefit of your home heating more rapidly since the warm air is thoroughly circulated through the space.

Do you use ceiling fans to help heat your home? Tell us how much you save below.

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