Outdoor Motion Lights are an Inexpensive Way to Protect your Home

Outdoor motion lights can deter trespassers, vandals, or thieves from your property

Outdoor motion lights can deter trespassers, vandals, or thieves from your property

When it comes to home security there are many devices designed to keep your home safe and secure from property damage or theft. None of these options are as inexpensive and effective at deterring would be criminals than good lighting. Outdoor motion lights are a simple solution that can keep your home safe at night.

For many years it was common for people to install dusk to dawn lights on their property to keep areas illuminated all night long. In recent years studies are finding these lights to be less effective than originally thought. A dusk to dawn light can act as a beacon showing a robber where a home is located or where its access points are. This is especially true in rural areas where a home may otherwise go unnoticed in the dark.

As a result of providing excessive light to an area of the home, these dusk to dawn lights attract insects and consume more energy than their motion sensing counterparts. Outdoor motion lights only activate when a person comes in close enough proximity to set off the sensor. This means that your home or driveway remains dark until someone approaches.

It also means a potential intruder is forced to use a flashlight, and would most likely be started by the bright light when it turns on. Not only does this blow their cover, by drawing attention to their location, it alerts the home owner that something is moving outside the house.

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