Fluorescent Lights are an Ideal Choice for a Garage or Workshop


Fluorescent lights are an excellent way to illuminate any workspace

If you’ve ever tried to work with your hands in a dimly lit environment, you know how important quality lighting can be. That is why Lighting and Locks recommends reliable fluorescent lighting fixtures for all garage and workshop applications. Fluorescent lights offer bright even light that can help you enhance the quality of your work, whatever it may be.

In order to properly outfit your workspace with fluorescent lighting, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind. Whether you’re lighting an entire room or just the area around a workbench, you need to be sure you choose the right fluorescent fixtures. We recommend using 4 foot T8 light bars these energy efficient fluorescent lights can provide great light without the flickering associated with some fluorescents.

When creating your lighting layout be sure not to overload your circuit by having too many fixtures. You may also want to consider covered fixtures to prevent accidental breakage of blubs in your work environment. If your garage or workshop is not heated you may want to consider a fluorescent bulb that is designed to start in colder temperatures, since many bulbs will flicker or fail to light until they are warmed.

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