Tips on Staying Warm This Winter with Room Zone Heaters

Keep your home cozy this winter with one of our Room Zone Heaters!

Get ready for winter because it’s just around the corner! If you have an older home or apartment, staying warm might be a problem for you since your living quarters can be a bit drafty at times. Room zone heaters are a great option for staying warm, but what about the rest of your home? Lighting and Locks has some tips about how to keep the heat in your house and keep the cold outside!

Drafty Windows: For drafty windows, you can get a window seal kit that helps seal any cracks. This can be found at any hardware store. Another way to ensure your windows don’t let heat out is to tape the edges with clear, heavy-duty tape.

Space under doors: This can be somewhere heat escapes most often, especially if you have a significant amount of space between the door and the floor. By putting a towel or blanket down in front of the space, you can keep the heat from escaping.

Humidifier: By using a humidifier in your house, you’re putting more moisture in the air. This helps to make the air in your home feel warmer and can help prevent nosebleeds!

Have more tips on keeping your space warm with room zone heaters or other ways? Let us know below!

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