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Tips on How to Take your Christmas Rope Lights Down

Whether you just have a problem remembering to do it or you’re in denial until May, taking down your Christmas lights can be a pain. It doesn’t matter if they are rope lights or string lights, it can be a task that requires more than one person. Lighting And Locks has some tips on how […]

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Save Money on Your Electricity Bill This Winter

Saving electricity is important to everyone. Not only does it save us money, but it also helps the environment. Going green is growing in popularity every year and for good reason. Saving electricity is simple to do in the winter and wants to help you save the planet and your pocket book. Electric heat […]

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The Quintessential Winter Playlist: Dim Your Lights and Curl On Up!

Winter is here and the days are getting shorter. When the wind is howling outside, it’s understandable to want to spend the day indoors. Dim your tabletop lamps, pour a drink, and fill your warm home with these winter friendly songs. Lighting and Locks has the ideal playlist for you to snuggle up to and […]

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