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Archive | January, 2013

Understanding UL Ratings

Underwriters Laboratories(UL) is a company that tests and rates products for safety standards. In terms of lights and ceiling fans, the rating tells you what types of locations it is safe to install the product in. There are three UL ratings that are relevant to ceiling fans and lights. The ratings are Dry, Damp and [...]

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Legrand Adorne – Products for Today’s Home

The wizards behind the Legrand Adorne line of products know that with ever-changing technology steadily creeping into our lives, we are faced with all sorts of different needs inside our homes than our parents ever faced.  Take a quick look around your home.  How many devices do you have that need charged via a USB [...]

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What’s the Best Interior Lighting Fixture for your Room?

When walking into you kitchen, is it dimly lit and hard to navigate because of the lack of light? Proper light, in any room of your home, is essential to the way you and your family functions. Not sure what kind of light your dining room should have and why it can’t be the same [...]

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All About Doorbells

Coming upon our vast selection of vintage door chimes and contemporary doorbells may seem daunting. Of course you want a doorbell for you home, but choosing one can be difficult. What type of sound do you want echoing through your home? Should you buy a wired or wireless doorbell? Don’t worry, we are here to [...]

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Starting 2013 Fresh: Remodeling Your Home the Right Way

  Many New Year’s resolutions often start in the home: literally! If there’s one resolution that’s heard the most, it’s “I want to remodel my bathroom, dining room, den, etc.” Of course, this is a huge project, no matter which room or space you choose to start with, so jumping head first into picking out [...]

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Legrand Adorne: The Most Stylish Lighting Accessories

When you think about redecorating your home do light switches or power outlets come to mind? If you stop and look at your décor, usually your power outlets and light switches are more like an eye-sore than an accent piece contributing to your home’s beauty. Drab colors and old technology are the main aspects of [...]

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Ceiling Lights – or – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Installing Ceiling Light Fixtures

Want to change out those ugly ceiling lights that have been hanging in your bedroom forever but don’t want to pay an electrician lots of $$$ for a five-minute job?  Let us show you exactly how easy replacing those old ceiling lights can be with these tips.  This guide will work for flush mounted ceiling [...]

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6 Tips For Choosing Area Rugs

Area rugs are not just for sweeping dirt under. Whether you are looking for the best area rugs for hardwood floors, or maybe just an area rug to arrange your furniture around, there are several factors to take into consideration. First of all you need to know what you want. Area rugs for dorm rooms [...]

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Unique Lighting Fixtures: The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

With January on its way out, Cupid is stirring and ready to get out that infamous arrow! Get your home décor-loving Valentine the best gift you can find: a unique lighting fixture from Lighting and Locks. We’ve gathered some of our favorites so that you can surprise that special someone with a gift of elegance, [...]

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Bathroom Lighting – Selecting the Best Lights for Your Bathroom

As bathrooms become increasingly multi-functional, choosing the correct bathroom lighting is extremely important.  Lighting must be bright enough but also blend in with your home’s style.  Here are some great tips to help pick the best bathroom lighting for your home. Bathroom Lighting with Small Mirrors For bathrooms with smaller mirrors, consider placing a decorative [...]

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