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Legrand wall plates

The Legrand Adorne Collection- Moving Your Home Beyond Ordinary

Your home is a unique expression of your style and tastes.  Every room is a reflection of your individuality, from the master closet to the kitchen.  So why should you settle for the same light switches that are in every house?  Or the same outlets?  Why settle for having to paint a cheap plastic cover, [...]

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Minka Aire Gauguin Ceiling/Patio Fan F581-ORB

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide Part 3

If you need information on the difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans as well as adjustments for ceiling height, please see part one. In part two we covered ceiling fans with lights, matching your décor and motor considerations. This final part of our series will cover efficiency considerations, air flow and fan controls. Ceiling Fan [...]

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Lighting 101: Preventing and Dealing with Lighting Emergencies or When UPS and FedEx Turn Evil

So, the Acme delivery service has just arrived with your lighting from your favorite online lighting retailer (why,, of course).  It’s a good thing, too, because you scheduled your electrician to be there the second the lighting fixtures show up since you also scheduled your house to close the next day.  As the Acme [...]

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cheap ceiling fans

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide Part 2

This is part two of our three part ceiling fan buying guide. In this part, we will cover lights, motors and style. If you missed it, in part one of our ceiling fan buying guide we covered the difference between indoor and outdoor fans, blade span as well as how to adjust for ceiling height [...]

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discount ceiling fans

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide Part 1

Whether you are looking for cheap ceiling fans or top rated ceiling fans, there are factors that everyone should consider.  Indoor or Outdoor Ceiling Fan? First of all are you planning to install your new ceiling fan in your home or outdoors? A proper fan must be selected to fit the area. The main difference [...]

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Unique Lighting Fixtures: The Perfect Gift for Your Valentine

  With January on its way out, Cupid is stirring and ready to get out that infamous arrow! Get your home décor-loving Valentine the best gift you can find: a unique lighting fixture from Lighting and Locks. We’ve gathered some of our favorites so that you can surprise that special someone with a gift of [...]

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How to Buy an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Outdoor Ceiling Fan Information There is nothing better than enjoying a warm day with some lemonade and an outdoor ceiling fan. Outdoor fans are a great way to make your exterior living areas more comfortable when the temperatures rise. Before rushing out to buy a new fan to finish that outdoor area, there are a [...]

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