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easy under cabinet lighting

How To Install Under Cabinet Lights

If you are using the Legrand adorne under cabinet lights you can use existing outlets to plug them in. Another popular method to install under cabinet lights in kitchens is to hardwire them to a switch. You can turn the lights on and off, including dim functions, without having raggedy wires and plugs in your cooking space. Be aware, [...]

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Minka Aire Gauguin Ceiling/Patio Fan F581-ORB

Saving Energy in the Summer

Heating and cooling your home makes up the largest portion of your electric bill each month. Water-heating and lighting are the next two energy expenses. These categories alone can make up more than 60% of your electricity usage. Any serious attempt at saving energy must start with these items. There are many other ways you [...]

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energy star

Energy Star: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

Energy Star is a government-backed organization that issues ratings on energy efficiency. Energy Star was created to help consumerS find energy-efficient products so they can save on their utility bills. Energy Star products can be identified by a symbol on packaging shown on the right. Why Are Some Products Rated And Others Are Not? Products [...]

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LED lights

LED Bulbs or CFLs?

If like many people you are looking to save money and energy, the light fixtures in your home are a good place to start. Lighting your home can make up as much as 25% of your electric bill. For maximum savings, you can buy both Energy Star certified fixtures as well as energy saving CFLs [...]

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repair ceiling fan

Squeaky Ceiling Fans and How To Fix Them

You just want to lay back and relax with the gentle breeze your ceiling fan produces. Your would-be catnap is interrupted by an irritating squeak coming from your beloved ceiling fan. What can you do to fix a squeaky ceiling fan? Fixing a Squeaky Ceiling Fan There can be many reasons a ceiling fan would [...]

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install ceiling fan

How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can accentuate your style and save you money all year round. If you are curious you can find out how ceiling fans save you money or if you need help selecting the best one you can read our ceiling fan buying guide. Of course after you have bought your perfect fan you will [...]

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Legrand Pop Out

Legrand Adorne- Your Guide to Adorne Systems

Legrand Adorne Switches and Dimmers The Legrand Adorne collection offers 7 type of wall switches. Each switch is compatible with the locator status LED to help find them in the dark. All switches are available in white or magnesium. Wireless Master switches can be combined with other wireless devices to control entire rooms with one [...]

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ceiling fan direction switch

The Secret Ceiling Fan Switch That Saves You Money

Most people think of ceiling as only being useful in the scorching summer months. Almost all ceiling fans have a top secret feature that allow them to be useful even on chilly days. Using this secret, you can save money in both the summer and winter with your ceiling fans by reducing your use of [...]

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Minka Aire Gauguin Ceiling/Patio Fan F581-ORB

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide Part 3

If you need information on the difference between indoor and outdoor ceiling fans as well as adjustments for ceiling height, please see part one. In part two we covered ceiling fans with lights, matching your décor and motor considerations. This final part of our series will cover efficiency considerations, air flow and fan controls. Ceiling Fan [...]

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cheap ceiling fans

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide Part 2

This is part two of our three part ceiling fan buying guide. In this part, we will cover lights, motors and style. If you missed it, in part one of our ceiling fan buying guide we covered the difference between indoor and outdoor fans, blade span as well as how to adjust for ceiling height [...]

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