10 Tips to Spring Life Into Your Home

Spring cleaning? More like spring decorating!

Does winter seem to be dragging? Channel your energy toward something positive with a little spring cleaning! A few basic changes to revamp your home, such as adding table top lamps to your existing furniture will make you feel accomplished without breaking the bank. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be dreadful, put on some comfy clothes, a good playlist, and sing along as you bring your house back to life!

  1. Paint The Walls. Having trouble deciding between two colors? You don’t have to choose. Painting alternate walls complimentary colors is the new trend this spring.
  2. Rearrange the Furniture. Simply moving the bed to where the dresser is or the couch where the TV sits are easy ways to completely change the look of a room.
  3. Freshen Up The Bathroom. Ditch old prescriptions, cosmetics, or lotion bottles that are cluttering the counter. After you do so, revive the look with vanity lights, candles, towels, and even some artificial flowers for a splash of color.
  4. Frame pictures. Decorating the house with fond memories through photos is known to liven up a person’s mood.
  5. Remove clutter. You would be surprised how much throwing away old papers and junk you have accumulated on countertops or shelves will calm your nerves.
  6. Lay Rugs. A rug can simply complement the room or define an area to separate smaller rooms into sections.
  7. Add Fun Pillows. Embroidered, striped, floral, and embellished pillows are all in this season. Mix and match the fabric styles to update the look of a couch or armchair.
  8. 8. Replace Lamps. Updating your end tables with table top lamps which brighten up a room. Choose various styles that add character to accent your modern or vintage look.
  9. Hang Mirrors. Place mirrors near doors for convenience or to reflect a unique piece of furniture or artwork.
  10. Bring Outside In. Adding green plants or colorful flowers to the home incorporates positive energy and fresh air to your rooms.

These ten tips can help cheer up your home without spending big bucks. Decide if you want to choose a few tips for particular rooms, or follow all ten to update the whole house!

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