6 Tips For Choosing Area Rugs

Area rugs are not just for sweeping dirt under. Whether you are looking for the best area rugs for hardwood floors, or maybe just an area rug to arrange your furniture around, there are several factors to take into consideration. First of all you need to know what you want. Area rugs for dorm rooms probably will not be to your liking if you want mission style area rugs. Bright colorful area rugs might be great as playroom area rugs and not so much if you want Tuscan area rugs to match your home. Below are five factors to take into consideration when choosing an area rug.floral area rugs

  • Color: You may not think floor coverings are that important, however, the color of your area rugs can certainly affect the style of your room. Be sure you select a color that matches the rest of your décor. If you want the rug to be more noticeably choose a color similar to your accents with vibrant designs. If you want it to silently blend into your room consider buying an area rug that matches the color of the room’s paint.


  • Texture: Your rug should feel pleasant, literally. If you have the rug in your bedroom, you should select a plush texture that will be comfortable for bare feet. Fluffy area rugs are great for bedroom or in hallway between a bedroom and bathroom. If you want beach house area rugs, a fluffy rug will not be for you. Sand and other particles are more difficult to clean out of a plush area rug.


  •  Design: Some abstract area rugs are closer to a work of art. The design of an area rug, just as all décor, represents the owner’s personality. Floral patterns tend to match traditional decors better while geometric designs often go better with a modern style home. Area rugs with heavy patterns tend to conceal stains better than plain area rugs, which is another factor to consider.

french country area rugs


  •  Material: One of the most common materials for area rugs is wool. Other popular materials include silk, jute, cotton and nylon. If you are looking for inexpensive area rugs online, silk is probably not what you want. Jute is an affordable substitute for silk, though, it can be stained easily. Wool rugs are the most popular due to their durability and easy maintenance.


  •  Size: 12×14 area rugs will be too large for many smaller bedrooms. Smaller area rugs may be too little to fit under a large dining table. A rug for a dining table should have at least 24 inches of clearance on all side of the table. Be sure to measure the area that you intend to place the area rug. Consider that you may rearrange your furniture in the future, is the size of the rug versatile enough that it will still fit with a different room layout?


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