Stay Cool and Save Money this Summer: Energy Saving Tips

Don't let the heat stress you out! Check out our tips.

During the hot, hot heat of summer, it is almost impossible to be comfortable and have lower energy costs at the same time. At, we have put together a few ways for you to save on energy costs while staying cool at the same time:

  • Close the blinds: Even when you’re in the house, it is important to close the blinds during the hottest time of day. Blinds keep the sun from coming through your windows and producing heat, as well as keeping the cool air within the house.
  • Shutting the doors: Although it may seem like you’re closing yourself off to the world, you’re just trying to beat the heat. Close the doors to rooms while the air conditioning is pumping through the house. This uses less energy than pushing air through the whole house.
  • Ceiling fans: Some ceiling fans can be used during the night time to cool your house down. They also don’t use as much energy as an air conditioner, which cuts down on energy costs.
  • Open the windows at night: Let the cool air in! By opening the windows and shutting off the AC, you cut down significantly on energy costs.

Have more ways to lower energy costs? Let us know below!

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