What’s the Best Interior Lighting Fixture for your Room?

Working on re-lighting the rooms of your home? Do it with our interior lighting fixtures and tips to make it just the right amount of bright!

When walking into you kitchen, is it dimly lit and hard to navigate because of the lack of light? Proper light, in any room of your home, is essential to the way you and your family functions. Not sure what kind of light your dining room should have and why it can’t be the same as your bathroom? Let Lighting and Locks help you pick the right interior lighting fixtures for the right spaces!

Bathroom: Make sure that lighting near the shower and mirror is bright enough to get ready in. Wall sconces or a lighted mirror is usually enough illumination for that space.

Bedroom: Lighting in the bedroom needs to be bright enough to properly dress yourself, but also cozy enough to relax you before you sleep. Going with a semi-flush light or recessed lighting throughout your bedroom is a great way to make it bright, yet faint enough to be pleasant.

Dining area or above the table: The dining room often goes overlooked when it comes to lighting. Some sort of lighting is needed above where you actually eat, as well as in different spots of the room—it’s essential to lighting the space. A chandelier is a great option for this section of your home.

Living room: Your living room should be the best lit room of your home. Placing table lamps in corners of the room where you read, do any sort of work, or watch television is a necessity. Also, placing the lights in ways where they will not create a glare against the television is something to consider when you’re lighting this room.

Do you have anymore tips on how to properly light the rooms of your home with specific interior lighting fixtures? Leave us a comment below!

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