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Coming upon our vast selection of vintage door chimes and contemporary doorbells may seem daunting. Of course you want a doorbell for you home, but choosing one can be difficult. What type of sound do you want echoing through your home? Should you buy a wired or wireless doorbell? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

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Wired vs Wireless

Wired door chimes are a great option if you already have the wiring in place. A wired doorbell will never need to have batteries changed and can be installed and left alone for possibly years. However, if the wiring is not already in place, or if you were replacing an old doorbell, then it can be quite a hassle to install, and if you are not knowledgeable with wiring, you may need to hire a professional.

Say on the other hand you are interested in wireless front door bells. Wireless door bells are very easy to install without much previous experience. The main downside to wireless door bells are that they are run on battery power. This of course means changing batteries. You will need to regularly check your doorbell to ensure that the batteries are still supplying enough power for the unit to function. You will need to have batteries on-hand and be able to replace them when the time comes.  Additional factors that must be taken into account for wireless doorbells include the distance from the button to your chimes as well as the thickness of the walls that may be between the two units.


Sound Level

Do you want a loud wired doorbell or a digital door bell? The sound your doorbell makes can sometimes be changed with many digital wireless units. If you simply want to change the sound of your door chimes then you can simply purchase new chimes. That tends to be a big advantage of wired doorbell chimes is that they can be replaced with alternative chimes. Wireless units usually will only work with the chimes they come with, though they sometimes have multiple melodies they are capable of producing.

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 Doorbell Options

You have many options for your door hardware, from a modern doorbell chime to craftmade doorbells. We have a selection of cheap doorbells in our Open Box section as well. Be sure you see our old fashioned door bells and Craftmade door chimes. If you need help finding the best wireless door chime for your home just give us a call, we will be happy to help. Below you can find a video to help you installing your new doorbell.

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