Charming EGLO Lighting for Kids: Gift them Something Merry and Bright this Christmas!

With the holiday season officially in full swing, most of us find ourselves stopping by the store before heading home after work, or spending our lunches doing some online browsing and shopping. For those of us with little ones on our list, the task of finding the perfect gifts is even greater. Long gone are the days of choosing the cutest teddy bear or prettiest doll – I spend just as much time figuring out what some modern toys actually are as I do deciding if they’re an attractive option!

To be fair, I’m no curmudgeonly lady who thinks technology is evil; I’m actually quite far from it. I marvel at some of the new toys I see, and imagine how much I would have crossed my own little fingers that Santa would bring them if I were still a tot. But the downside to some more techy toys is that they are expensive and have a short lifespan. Even when they are well-made, as many of them are, the newest edition of said toy is rolling off the production line before the one you’ve already spent quite a bit of cash on has lost its new toy smell.

Don’t worry – we aren’t about to suggest that you don’t buy the kiddos any presents just because a new version may be out in a few months. If we all operated on that philosophy, no one would ever get anything! But there are some more practical gifts you can add to the mix that are also fun, and will add something special to every day. Gifts that enhance your home, and quite literally brighten up a room! We won’t keep you in suspense any longer; those gifts are from EGLO Lighting.

EGLO Airman Children’s Pendant Light: It’s a bug, it’s a plane, it’s the cutest little lamp you’ve ever seen! Suspended from 3 lightweight ropes, the Airman light fixture is perfect for any young adventurer. It captures the spirit of possibility with a delightfully bright smiling pilot commanding a cheerful propeller plane. The brightness of the pilot is supplied by a single 60 watt bulb tucked into the aircraft. For added light, install one at each of the room, or set up side-by-side flyers!

EGLO Jeff Ceiling Light Fixture: Another type of flyer entirely, Jeff has a sweet and sunny disposition just like the Airman, but he’s a little bit ‘flighty’! Yes, Jeff is a kite, and he loves to light up the night! A ceiling fixture, this EGLO light will smile down upon kids, letting them end each night and start each morning with a friendly face looking back.

EGLO Susi Children’s Pendant Light: This little lady is about as cute as they come, with bright orange and red wings that leave her flying high above. If only every lighting fixture had the beauty of a butterfly, the world would surely be a better place! Susi and the Airman complement each other in style so well that we can’t help but think they’re related. Neither is talking though; they’re too busy soaring through the sky looking for a cool kid’s ceiling to land on!

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