Choosing Between Suspended Ceiling Light Fittings

When considering options for suspended ceiling light fittings, it is a good idea to learn the alternatives you have to choose from. The two types of suspended ceiling light fittings are chandeliers and pendant lighting. Both types are available in a wide range suit any style. What factors should you use when deciding between chandeliers and pendants?


Pendant Lighting

One advantage of pendant lighting is that it is much better for task lighting.  For example, over a kitchen table. Pendant lights are also better for partitioning a large room into multiple areas. Some examples of pendant lights are this oil rubbed bronze pendant light or these funky pendant lights. Mini pendant light fixtures are also available.  Mini pendants are great to have over a kitchen bar or areas that need smaller task lights.

 Suspended Ceiling Light Fittings - Contemporary Pendant Lighting


Elegant chandeliers are great for lighting up a room and can bring out the beauty of your other décor. Chandeliers can enhance almost any room including a dining room, foyer or even a bedroom. Chandeliers are usually thought of as being a more traditional style.  However, they are also available in modern styles such as these large contemporary chandeliers. If you need a small chandelier there are also mini chandeliers available, such as this Minka Lavery petite chandelier. Mini chandelier lighting is good for smaller areas such as a hallway or a breakfast nook.


Suspended Ceiling Light Fittings - Chandelier Lighting

Differences Between Suspended Ceiling Light Fittings

Most chandeliers feature a large number of branching lights, compared to pendants that usually only have one or two lights. Pendant lighting is usually available in a larger number of materials and finishes.  Chandeliers tend to have fewer material types such as wrought iron or bronze with crystal and glass. Pendants tend to be lighter and smaller than chandeliers, as well. Since chandeliers are bigger they are more suited to larger areas.  Pendants can go well in just about any room. Chandeliers tend to be a bit more expensive than pendants because chandeliers tend to be larger and more ornate.

Now that you understand the differences between the suspended ceiling light fittings, be sure you check our large selection of pendant lighting and chandeliers.


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