Create a More Dramatic and Functional Kitchen with Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lights are an inexpensive way to dramatically change your kitchen

For most kitchens, lighting consists of an overhead fixture or recessed lighting in the soffits above the cabinets. This has been the common approach to kitchen lighting for many years. But the reality is these lighting setups are not the most efficient way to light a work space. After all, the kitchen is supposed to be the most commonly used work space in the home.

If your lighting creates shadows or dark spots on counter surfaces, you may want to consider adding under cabinet lighting. These lights are an inexpensive way to breathe new life into your kitchen. They are also the perfect complement to a tiled backsplash or stone countertop. If you have recently upgraded or are considering upgrading your backsplash or counter top, there is no better way to show off your investment than with under cabinet lighting.

Under cabinet lights are easy to install and most do-it-yourselfers can tackle the job in an afternoon. They come in a variety of bulb formats, such as fluorescent, halogen, LED and xenon. Under cabinet lighting can take the form of strip lights, puck lights, or linear lights. Each style has its own benefits and applications. Whatever style you choose is sure to bring more light to your countertops, and make working in the kitchen easier.

In addition to adding more light, under cabinet lighting is a great way to conserve energy. Often the amount of light given off by an under cabinet set up is enough to illuminate the entire kitchen. This is ideal for quick trips to the kitchen where an overhead light may not be necessary, or late night/early morning occasions when you may not want your lights at full power.

Do you have under cabinet lights in your kitchen? Tell us the reasons you like them below.

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