Fun Ideas for Decorating Kids’ Rooms on a Budget

Light up your kids' room with these tips!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to re-decorate your child’s dull room. We put our thinking caps on and came up with a few ideas to brighten up the bedroom on a budget!

Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms:

  1. Hang Pictures: Hang a string from one end of the wall to another. Attach pictures with close pins for a fresh twist on picture frames.
  2. Create a cork board: Kids love to tack awards and colorful postcards to the wall. Buy a square or rectangular piece of cork and mount it to the wall to prevent wall damage.
  3. Keep it cool: Ceiling fans for kids don’t have to be boring! Paint an affordable fan pretty in pink or with shades of blue, depending on your child’s taste.
  4. Easy Storage: Since love to play, make it easy for them to clean up. The dollar store sells storage bins on low shelves so they can easily put their toys away.
  5. Chart the Growth: It’s exciting when your son or daughter sprouts an inch or two. Mark the wall with washable paint each step of the way. It’s interesting to look back at changes!
  6. Ample lighting: Lighting is a necessity. Kids room lighting should be young and fresh! From chandeliers to lights that look like the planets, lights should be as unique as your child.  Make sure there is also a reading light by the bedside so it is easy to reach.
  7. Paint an old piece: Purchase a nice nightstand or end table at the thrift store. Encourage your child to be creative and help you paint the piece with bright colors or designs.

Using paint, pictures, kids room lighting, and your clever mind, you can make a child’s bedroom into whatever they want it to be. A castle, a forest, or magical flower gardens are all popular themes for 2012.

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