Give Yourself the Light You Need to Shine Your Brightest in 2012 and Beyond!

With the clamoring of pots and pans, the tinkling of champagne glasses, and the tooting of paper horns, the New Year gets welcomed in like no other holiday! It is a time of promise to ourselves and one another – a time of resolutions to be and do better on a path toward being and doing our best. These resolutions take many shapes, forms and directions, with old standbys revolving around a healthier diet, more exercise, greater organization and spending more time with family and friends. Other popular aspirations include taking more time to read and relax, preparing more inventive meals, and helping our homes grow along with us into the places we need them to be for everything else to take shape.

The importance of our daily surroundings is never to be underestimated, and small changes can make a world of difference. Something as simple as burning a candle in our favorite scent while we flip through magazines can make the experience all the better! But we can’t enjoy flipping through that magazine without having enough light to read it, just as we can’t prepare those more inventive meals if we can’t see what we’re doing. Simply put, we need to shed some light on the situation, whatever that situation might be. And if your home is lacking in the adequate or appropriate lighting department, there’s no time like now to resolve the issue!

Take a few minutes to think of the things you’d like to do in your home that would be made more possible or enjoyable with a lighting upgrade. Perhaps there’s a corner you’d love to transform into a cozy reading nook, but a floor lamp is necessary before opening a new novel. Perhaps your dimly-lit kitchen leaves you taking shortcuts with dinner just to get it done, when some new kitchen lighting fixtures would provide the bright, invigorating light you need to feel inspired. Perhaps there’s a craft you’d love to get back to, but the room with enough space for crafting is too dark or hot. A new fandelier can tackle the issue and have you making everything from scrapbooks to jewelry comfortably!

This year, make a resolution to make your home work for you. It will not only help you stay on track with everything you want to accomplish, but you’ll find yourself enjoying your time in this most personal space more than ever. And that’s not even considering the beauty new lighting fixtures add, which is a big, brilliant bonus!

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