How Lighting Affects a Room’s Feng Shui

A wall sconce can really highlight a portion of the room

In case you didn’t know, Feng Shui is simply how humans interact with the environment around them; it is about creating an atmosphere around you that surrounds you with positive energy in order to succeed. Relocating furniture in your home and adding different types of lighting, which is the strongest demonstration of energy, can make you more relaxed and give you good Feng Shui. Wall sconces are an exceptional factor in Feng Shui lighting because of the shadows they cast and the warmth they reflect onto the wall.

Feng Shui Tips for the Home:

  • Keep the lighting dim. Not only does this save on the electricity bill, but also avoids harsh brightness that can cause headaches.
  • The living room should have sufficient lighting since it is a place where reading the newspaper or cuddling up to a novel is common.
  • Angle lamps so they highlight a particular part of the room. Shed light on a lively, green plant, family photo, or piece of artwork that is special to you.
  • Flush to ceiling lights are a great way to create zen shadows throughout the room.
  • Light candles and the fireplace to exude soothing lighting.
  • Replace lamps with new, clean bulbs; fresh bulbs give off the warmest tones of light.
  • Incorporate red or soft pink lighting. These shades are said to be lucky and reassuring!

Think of it this way, if you’re in a dark, crowded café, you’re not easily able to concentrate on the book you’re reading. On the other hand, if the café has ample seating arrangements and ceiling lights near or above each chair, you will calmly be able to enjoy reading your novel. The same concept is true for your home; design the rooms in your home with soothing Feng Shui in mind!

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