Kitchen Island Lights Done Right

Create the right ambiance in your home with kitchen island lighting

How to properly light an island can become a daunting task. It is helpful to decide whether you want regular illumination for cooking purposes, hanging island lights for ambiance, or accent lights to draw attention to a particular feature.

Choosing kitchen lights based your needs:

I want to see to cook and clean. Ceiling or wall mounted lights are ideal for those who don’t need to spend much time fussing over the stove. They provide ample lighting for getting your daily chores done.

I want a relaxing ambiance. Hanging island lights are perfect for those with a passion for decorating and are interested in creating a chic style. This type of light brings charisma to your kitchen island and provides a soothing feel.

I want to focus on a specific feature. If you have a brick wall in your kitchen or a shelf of your favorite fine china, accent lights are a simple way to bring attention to that unique piece.

I want to highlight glass cabinets or tile below the cabinet. If you have glass cabinets and would like to show off the vase of flowers inside, then cabinet lights are a must! Maybe it’s the intricate tiling below the cabinets you want to showcase? Then under cabinet lights are your go to.

You will be surprised how simple lighting choices can make a major difference in your kitchen. Without breaking the bank you are able to feature your cherished sections of choice!

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