Legrand Adorne- Your Guide to Adorne Systems

Legrand Adorne Switches and Dimmers

The Legrand Adorne collection offers 7 type of wall switches. Each switch is compatible with the locator status LED to help find them in the dark. All switches are available in white or magnesium. Wireless Master switches can be combined with other wireless devices to control entire rooms with one switch. For example, you could turn off the light when you leave a room, which would also turn off other wireless Legrand adorne products such as a wireless outlet.

  • The Paddle switches and dimmers have a wide surface that functions with a simple up or down motion. Paddle switches are also available in smaller sizes to fit multiple switches into one gang plates.
  • Whisper devices are the closest to traditional light switches except they are designed to have a quiet, fluid motion.
  • The sofTap switches require just a tap to turn your light on or off. The dimming function utilizes a small paddle that also only require a slight tap.Legrand adorne diagram
  • SensaSwitch and SensaDimmers are designed to detect your presence and control the lights for you. It is available in both a fully automatic model and also a semi manual model that requires you to turn it on, but shuts itself off when you leave the room.
  • Push switches are a simple device that functions by pushing it in to turn the lights on or off. There is not a dimmer equivalent.
  • Touch switches and dimmers are perhaps the most high-tech devices offer by Legrand. Their touch sensitivity can be operated just like a smartphone.
  • The Wave switch allows you to control the lights by simply waving your hand in front of it, no need to even touch it. Great for bathrooms and kitchens. There is not a dimmer equivalent of the Wave switch.

Wall Plates

Legrand Adorne not only offers innovative devices for your home, they have also taken décor to the next level with wall plates that allow you to better complete your style. Wall plates come with a special frame that will be installed on the wall and allow you to simply snap your wall plates and devices into the frame for easy installation. There are three categories of wall plates.Legrand wall plates

  • adorne Real Material wall plates are created with natural materials such as leather and wood. Each wall plate is hand-crafted by artisans and no two are exactly alike. These slight variations in finish and color add to the unique beauty of the adorne Real Material line.
  • adorne Cast Metal wall plates are created with real metals. Each wall plate is hand-crafted by artisans and no two are exactly alike. These slight variations in finish and color add to the unique beauty of the adorne Cast Metal offering.
  • The Legrand Plastic wall plates come in a variety of bold colors for those that want to their home to have that extra character.


All Legrand adorne outlets are designed with tamper-resistant technology including a patented shutter system, which prevents kids from jamming small objects into the outlet. Outlets are available in 2 or 3 modules. Ground fault circuit interrupter(GFCI) outlets should be used in kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor locations.

Legrand Adorne also offers energy saving on/off outlets that feature a button to turn the whole outlet on or off. USB outlets are also available for all your modern devices.

Pop-Out outlets are the most innovative outlets Legrand Adorne has available. When not in use you can push them into the wall so they disappear. There are some things to note on the Pop-Out outlets, however. First, Pop-Out outlets are not compatible with the normal frames the wall Legrand Pop Outplates come with. These outlets will come with special frames. You will still be able to use your wall plates on the Pop-Out compatible frames. The Pop-Out devices come in 1 and 2 gang models. That means if you are planning a two gang wall plate with a switch and an outlet, you will have to buy the 2 gang model of Pop-Out outlet to make sure you get the correct frame.

Also, please note that Pop-Out outlets require extra deep wallboxes. Metal boxes, either for single or multi circuit must be at least 3 ½ inches deep. Multi-circuit plastic boxes must be at least 3 ½ inches deep. Single circuit plastic boxes must be at least 3 inches deep.

Wireless Systems

Define up to four unique presets and control your entire home lighting environment with the touch of Legrand adorne’s handy wireless remote. Or, install Legrand’s free app, and your smartphone becomes the remote, allowing you to access your preset even while away. To enable smartphone control you must have a Whole-House Mobile Interface Controller.

Compatible switches and dimmers include the sofTap and Touch Whole-House Wireless devices. Coming soon, you will be able to integrate wireless video intercoms and Wi-Fi music systems from adorne.

Illumination Accessories

There are also a variety of illumination devices provided by Legrand Adorne.

  • The Accent Nightlights are great for providing gentle illumination during the night. These lights have multiple settings that can be controlled by placing your finger under the device. First is the automatic modewhich turns them on when the room is dark. Next is an option that leaves them on even when the room is light. Finally, you can have them off all the time, only turned on when you activate them.
  • The Locator Status Light is a small light that is installed behind your switches or dimmers to help you find them in the dark. It is compatible with all type of switches and dimmers and comes as standard feature for most. The only switches and dimmers it is not standard on are the Paddle, Push and Whisper devices.
  • Last, but not least, Legrand Adorne has created an innovative nightlight that you can take with you on your night trips around your home. The Portable Nightlight/Flashlight function has a nightlight in a standard wall plate, however, if you want to carry it with you, that is also an option. Just press on the nightlight and it is able to be removed from the wall to take with you.

Under Cabinet System

The adorne Under-Cabinet Lighting System brings an array of modular components that swap out so easily, you’ll want to reconfigure whenever the mood strikes. From speakers and smart phone docks to lighting and outlets, there’s a world of possibilities to choose from with these high-tech, highly convenient building blocks.

  • Legrand Adorne has both Puck lights and Linear lights available for under cabinet illumination.Legrand under cabinet
  • There is a Music System available so you can plug and play your favorite songs wirelessly throughout your kitchen.
  • With both Mobile and Tablet Cradles, Legrand adorne allows you to put apps and the internet where you need them. As a side bonus, charging your mobile devices no longer has to look sloppy.
  • There are both Outlets and USB modules compatible with the Legrand Adorne Under Cabinet System. They simply snap into the modular tracks for quick customization and allows your under cabinet system to adapt to your needs of the day.


You can purchase Legrand keystone frames that will fit in your wall plates and allow you to snap in audio, video and data connectivity accessories. The keystone frames are compatible with all keystone inserts so you can pick just the ones for your needs.

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