Legrand Adorne Installation -or- Is it really this easy?


Legrand Adorne switches

Legrand Adorne switches

So, I see you’ve got your eye on the Legrand Adrone collection for your house.  No, no,it’s okay.  You and your old light switches had some good times, but in some relationships, there comes a point when in it’s time to move on.  And brother, it’s time to move on.  You may be comfortable in your light switch relationship, but don’t you want something unique?  Something that brings the “wow” everytime you walk into a room?  I thought so. Now, I know making such a huge commitment to change can be a big, scary thing.  In most cases, you have to pay an electrician huge amounts of greenbacks to make the transition.  But not in this new relationship!  Let me show you just how easy Legrand Adorne installation can be.  Grab your screwdriver, because it’s time for some more thrilling heroics!

Legrand Adorne Installation: First Steps

They say letting go is the hardest part of any relationship.  Well, I say live and let die!  Don’t swim in shark infested waters!  When life gives you lemons, demand to see life’s manager!  All of which have nothing to do with the topic at hand, which is Legrand Adorne Installation.  So, back on track, you may have had a good run with your old light switch, but you have different needs now, and it’s time to let go.  The first thing you need to do is to go turn off the breaker.  Yes, you do.  No, just flipping off the switch won’t work, because you’re replacing the switch.  R-e-p-l-a-c-i-n-g.  Get it?  Good.

Right!  Now that the electricity is off, you’ll need to gather the tools you need for your Legrand Adorne Installation.  This lengthy list includes a screwdriver and a razor blade.  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so long after all.  I get paid per word, so I gotta throw some extra ones in there somewhere.  Fhwdgads.  You’ll need the screwdriver, more than likely a flathead, to undo the plastic cover of the switch.  Now, you’ll only need the razor blade if you’ve painted since your light switch was installed, or you put the switch on wet paint.

If you painted around the switch, you’ll need the blade to CAREFULLY cut around the very outer edge of the switch plate so you don’t tear any paint and end up sleeping on the couch for a week.  AGAIN.  If the switch plate was installed on wet or semi-wet paint, it wouldn’t hurt to do the same (well, if you cut yourself, it will hurt), and then use the edge of the blade to pry up the plate.

Legrand Adorne Installation: Next Steps

yhst-10308730349237_2253_50806114Now, we’ve got the switch plate off, and for the next step in our Legrand Adorne Installation, we see a bunch of scary electrical stuff inside behind the switch itself.  Don’t turn back, now!  No pain, no gain!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!  Live long and Prosper!

Okay, now unscrew the two screws, one at the top and bottom, that hold the silver bracket part of the switch.  Again, you might need that razor blade again to cut around the top and bottom of the silver bracket like before.  Now, yank that puppy out as hard as you can!  Just kidding.  Really.  Lighting and Locks does not condone the yanking of puppies in any form.

Gently pull out the switch enough so that the wires on the side are visible and easy to reach.  And you’re sure the electricity is off.  Doubly sure?  Sure sure?  Okay, but be warned, I ain’t paying your hospital bill if it isn’t turned off.

With the electricity off, unscrew the side screws and remove the wires, making note of their location.

Legrand Adorne Installation: The Final Steps

You’re almost done with your Legrand Adorne Installation– give yourself a pat on the back!  Wait, not with the hand holding the razor blade.  There you go.

The hardest part is over.  Now, you’ll just want install the Legrand bracket around the outside of the hole.  Most of the time, the screw holes will line up with the switch bracket’s holes, but your mileage may vary.  Once the bracket is in place, connect the wiring to the sides of the Adorne switch, and pop the switch in the center of the bracket.  And finally, the hardest step of all:  Click the wall plate on the bracket.  Failure to do so properly may result in Congressional Sequesters, Mayan Calendars, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  For further reference, please consult this handy, dandy diagram.

And you’re done with your Legrand Adorne Installation!  High Five!  NOT WITH THE HAND WITH THE RAZOR BLADE!!!!!

Your long relationship with your old, generic light switch is over, and now you have many, many years to look forward to your new, exciting relationship with your Adorne Legrand switch.  See, change can be good.  Be sure to shop for all your Legrand Adorne products at Lighting and Locks.  Thank you, good night, and good luck.  And remember to turnon your power back on, because evil things lurk in the darkness.Grumpy Cat lurks in the Darkness

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