Legrand Adorne: The Most Stylish Lighting Accessories

When you think about redecorating your home do light switches or power outlets come to mind? If you stop and look at your décor, usually your power outlets and light switches are more like an eye-sore than an accent piece contributing to your home’s beauty. Drab colors and old technology are the main aspects of most controls, switches and outlets. Lighting and Locks is proud to announces that our new Legrand adorne collection intends to change that.

Legrand has brought perhaps the only innovation in switches and outlets in decades. With a plethora of new light switch designs there is something for everyone. If you want the most innovative look into the sofTap Switch and the Touch Switch. Maybe you don’t want to completely abandon light switches. In that case they have plenty of paddle switches and dimmers. Want a switch you don’t even have to touch? Legrand has you covered with their new Wave Switch that is activated with just a wave of the hand.


B82C028D57054A82963E50C52F87F4F6Legrand adorne Cherry Red Wall Plate

The Legrand adorne collection also has swappable wall plates that can accentuate any style of décor from modern to traditional. The wall plates pictured to the sides are just a few examples. Legrand wall plates are available in Aged Brass, Antique Nickel, Brushed Brass, Brushed Pewter, Brushed Stainless Steel, Antique Bronze and Satin Nickel to name a few. There are also wall plates made from natural materials such as the French Oak or Black Leather wall plates. You can even design your own wall plate to perfectly match your style with the Custom Wall Plate.


I know I hate trying to find a wall adapter for my USB powered devices. If you want your home to be a functional part of your modern, fast paced life Legrand also offers USB outlets. There are also a variety of power outlet designs that can accommodate large plugs found on many electronic devices. The adorne collection also includes Pop-Out Outlets that can disappear into the wall when not in use.

 Legrand adorne Mirror Black Wall PlateLegrand adorne Power Outlet

Dimmers, switches and outlets no longer have to be a detractor from your décor. Discover all your options to complete your home’s décor in the Legrand adorne collection. The video below can show you what to expect. If you have questions or comments about these new Legrand products please leave us a comment.


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