Lighten Up with these Spring Cleaning Tips

Brighten up your world this spring

For centuries, spring has been known as the season of cleaning. In fact, in Chinese culture, they have traditionally swept their floors and cleaned out their houses in an effort to purge any bad luck and prepare for the coming of a new season. And according to Jewish lore, Passover (which happens in the springtime) is a time to clear out the home of all leavened products. Here in America, we’ve taken on spring cleaning for some more practical reasons. It’s a great time of year to get a fresh start as far as your interior décor and design is concerned. Clean up your furniture, find some gorgeous new interior lighting fixtures, and feel the benefits of springtime!

Lighting & Locks Spring Cleaning Tips and Facts

  • Spring cleaning is actually psychologically important. We’ve got more freedom to move around in the springtime, so the act of cleaning house is beneficial.
  • Move the artwork around on the walls, and add a few new lighting fixtures. These simple steps can give your home a whole new look.
  • Rearranging furniture can also be a great idea!
  • Take some dark furniture and give it a light-colored paint job to make the room feel fresh and clean.
  • Spring is the best time of year to install ceiling fans. They keep fresh air circulating and can make a room feel seven or eight degrees cooler. Install your ceiling fan before the heat of summer sets in.

What are your most tried and true spring cleaning tips? We’d love to hear them!

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