Make Your Room Chandelier Chic!

Spice up your decor with a chandelier

Not sure what features to add to a drab room to make it chic? Believe it or not, classic eighteenth century lighting fixtures are making a fabulous comeback and are known as mini chandeliers! Whether you want a room to have an extravagant look or a modern feel chandeliers will do the trick. Mini chandeliers create a trendy focal point and often accent rich paint, wallpaper or artwork with accent lighting. Crystal and glass chandeliers have a way of tying together the feel of a room since they hang so delicately and draw the eye from the ceiling to the detailed hardwood or tile floor.

Places to hang mini chandeliers:

  • Bedroom: over the bed
  • Dining room, office, or living room: raised above the table, desk, or centered
  • Rustic lodge or den: aloft the woodwork ceiling
  • Bathroom: above the bathtub
  • Foyer: overhead the doorway

There are many types of mini chandeliers to blend in with or transform your home décor depending on your taste. The different styles include contemporary, rustic, traditional, transitional, and also crystal and glass chandeliers. Chandeliers don’t require heavy lifting or assembling, in fact, one is quite simple to install. It’s that time of year when a minor change in your home will put you in a cheeful mood and get you through the last leg of the winter blues!

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