Under-Cabinet Lighting- Choosing the Right Lighting

Under-cabinet Lighting

Choose the right under-cabinet lighting for your kitchen!

The dark spaces inhabiting your home can be scary places.  Who knows what evil lurks in those blackened pits of despair?  And there are none so insidious as those dark spaces under your cabinets.  (No, really.  I promise.  Okay, just go with it, okay?  Please?)  I mean, without light there, how can you tell if you put in that dash of oregano or not?  Where did those chops of onion go that flew off your cutting board?  And is the cookie jar REALLY that empty?  These are all very important questions for those who dwell in your kitchen, and choosing the right under-cabinet lighting can make a world of difference.

Things to Consider When Choosing Under-Cabinet Lighting

There are three things to keep in mind when you are choosing your under-cabinet lighting.  First, measure the depth of the lip underneath your cabinets.  Now, some people don’t mind if their lights stick out a little bit from that lip.  OCD people, such as myself, nearly have a panic attack.  Remember, your lights will go all the way to the wall on your cabinets and plan accordingly as to whether you mind the light sticking out or not.

Next, you’ll want to think about for your under-cabinet lighting is color temperature, especially if you’re thinking about CFL or LED lighting.  That’s the Kelvin rating on the light box, usually between about 2000 and 4500.  The lower the temperature, or Kelvin rating, the closer the light will be to the light of a regular light bulb.  The higher the temperature, the closer it will be to looking like natural daylight, or a standard fluorescent.  It may not seem quite so important now, but trust me, an incorrect Kelvin rating on your light or bulbs can turn your beautiful countertop into an ugly mess, so if you can, try out different types of light on your counters to see what works the best.

Finally, you’ll want to consider temperature in general.  Xenon and Halogen bulbs provide plenty of light, but can get extremely hot and make anything underneath them pretty warm after awhile.  CFL and LED lighting, however, give off almost no heat/wasted energy, but are more expensive.

Grumpy Cat hates under-cabinet lighting

“I hate under-cabinet lighting, so I’ll just hide in this shopping bag.”

Personally, I have LED for my under-cabinet lighting for both the look and so I don’t burn the crud out of my hands on accident.  But your mileage (and heat tolerance) may vary.

Next post, we’ll talk more about the different types of under-cabinet lighting and weight the pros and cons of each.  Until then, live long and prosper, and enjoy the obligatory Grumpy Cat photo.  And as always, Grumpy Cat does not endorse Lighting and Locks, because Grumpy Cat hates everything.



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