Fandelier? What is that?

Have you ever wanted a beautiful light fixture that can become a focal point of a room like a chandelier, yet you still want to provide the refreshing breeze of a ceiling fan? A fandelier is just what you have always wanted. With a fandelier, you don’t have to sacrifice style, function or comfort. A fandelier is a ceiling fan-chandelier combo that certainly can be a unique light fixture for any room. Why settle for just a chandelier or just a ceiling fan when you can have both?


If you are going to pay for a gorgeous chandelier, wouldn’t it be great if it made your living space more comfortable at the same time? We carry fandeliers that are both elegant and chic. Savoy House fandeliers are a great way to light and cool your home with traditional style. A ceiling fan chandelier combo made by Concord Fans is another option to enhance the atmosphere of your favorite room. Finally, the Casablanca Candelier Ceiling Fan is probably the most notable and dazzling of all our fandeliers.


If you don’t know how to install a fandelier, it is similar to installing a chandelier. Below you can find a video on installing a chandelier.

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