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"I hate choosing Patio and Deck Lighting."

Patio and Deck Lighting – Your Handy Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing Enemies through Your Deck and Patio Lighting

The world is a dark and scary place.  And it’s a lot scarier and darker at night, when it’s um… darker, because of that whole no-sun thing going on for nine hours.  Who knows what lurks out in the night?  Lions?  Tigers?  Bears?  Dick Cheney with a pellet gun?  Let me tell you, entertaining friends [...]

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How to make your home more cozy with Interior and Exterior Lighting

A cozy home is one with proper lighting arranged for the purpose of each room and outdoor living area. Placement of interior and exterior lighting is best done in coordination with the seasonal change in degree of sunlight. It may seem like summer provides the optimal ambient light, but this light is often blocked both [...]

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Make Your Home “The Coolest” With LED Landscape Lighting

It’s true: LEDs (light emitting diodes) are revolutionizing the world of landscape lighting. Never again will you need to worry about changing burned-out bulbs or fiddling with your outdoor fixtures to get loose bulbs to reconnect. That’s because there are no bulbs! Light emitting diodes are just that – electrical diodes that emit light. Combine them with various optical and reflecting devices and the result is a clean, bright light that uses 80% less electricity and has a lifetime ten times longer than halogen bulbs. (Read more…

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