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LED lights

LED Bulbs or CFLs?

If like many people you are looking to save money and energy, the light fixtures in your home are a good place to start. Lighting your home can make up as much as 25% of your electric bill. For maximum savings, you can buy both Energy Star certified fixtures as well as energy saving CFLs [...]

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Legrand Pop Out

Legrand Adorne- Your Guide to Adorne Systems

Legrand Adorne Switches and Dimmers The Legrand Adorne collection offers 7 type of wall switches. Each switch is compatible with the locator status LED to help find them in the dark. All switches are available in white or magnesium. Wireless Master switches can be combined with other wireless devices to control entire rooms with one [...]

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Legrand wall plates

The Legrand Adorne Collection- Moving Your Home Beyond Ordinary

Your home is a unique expression of your style and tastes.  Every room is a reflection of your individuality, from the master closet to the kitchen.  So why should you settle for the same light switches that are in every house?  Or the same outlets?  Why settle for having to paint a cheap plastic cover, [...]

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Legrand Adorne – Products for Today’s Home

The wizards behind the Legrand Adorne line of products know that with ever-changing technology steadily creeping into our lives, we are faced with all sorts of different needs inside our homes than our parents ever faced.  Take a quick look around your home.  How many devices do you have that need charged via a USB [...]

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Bathroom Lighting – Selecting the Best Lights for Your Bathroom

As bathrooms become increasingly multi-functional, choosing the correct bathroom lighting is extremely important.  Lighting must be bright enough but also blend in with your home’s style.  Here are some great tips to help pick the best bathroom lighting for your home. Bathroom Lighting with Small Mirrors For bathrooms with smaller mirrors, consider placing a decorative [...]

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Lighting And Locks: Our Top Pins

At Lighting And Locks, we love Pinterest! With our great products, such as home interior lights, wall sconces, and fan and light kits just to name some, we have tons of customers pinning and repining our products! We’ve taken the top three pins from Pinterest and wanted to share with you just what people are [...]

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Fandeliers: Elegance and Keeping you Cool

Perhaps you’re redoing your kitchen or living room during the dog days of summer, but you think a regular fan doesn’t mix with the rest of your décor. Have you ever considered combining a classy chandelier with a ceiling fan? It is possible. Fandeliers (Chandelier + Fans) are the newest, most trendy addition to the [...]

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Simple Tips for Greening Your Home

When it comes to going green, less is always more. It is not necessary to spend tons of money on green appliances and solar siding. It is more important to make minor changes to your home which can help improve the quality of the environment around us. 1. Keep an eye on the temperature. Set [...]

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Light Up Your Landscape

With spring just around the corner, you’ll spend time maintaining your lawn, garden, and your home; it’s necessary to show off your hard work! Landscape lighting will make your home warm and inviting. In order to choose the best lighting for your landscape it is helpful to know the different types of outdoor lighting available. [...]

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Kitchen Island Lights Done Right

How to properly light an island can become a daunting task. It is helpful to decide whether you want regular illumination for cooking purposes, hanging island lights for ambiance, or accent lights to draw attention to a particular feature. Choosing kitchen lights based your needs: I want to see to cook and clean. Ceiling or [...]

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