Fandeliers: Elegance and Keeping you Cool

Perhaps you’re redoing your kitchen or living room during the dog days of summer, but you think a regular fan doesn’t mix with the rest of your décor. Have you ever considered combining a classy chandelier with a ceiling fan? It is possible. Fandeliers (Chandelier + Fans) are the newest, most trendy addition to the collection. These untraditional (but totally luxurious!) fixtures are the perfect touch of elegance and relaxation to any room of your house.

If you’re looking for a more traditional route for your lighting fixture, our collection of Savoy House lighting offers chic Fandeliers. The Island Fandelier is one we particularly like, with its vintage finish and superior attention to detail, this beautiful Fandelier is the perfect touch to any room’s outfitting. It takes 4 bulbs, and comes in a New Tortoise Shell finish.

In the market for a more modern looking Fandelier? Fanimation, one of our most trusted brands, has a unique design that will be a great touch to any modern living room/dining room. The Cumulos Fanimation fan comes in a satin nickel finish and a pewter frame. With its touch of elegance and modern appeal, this Fandelier is ideal for any room of your house.

So whether you’re looking for something with an old-world feel, or something with some edge to it, has exactly what you’re looking for with our collection of Fandeliers. Check out the rest of them here!

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