Legrand Adorne – Products for Today’s Home

The wizards behind the Legrand Adorne line of products know that with ever-changing technology steadily creeping into our lives, we are faced with all sorts of different needs inside our homes than our parents ever faced.  Take a quick look around your home.  How many devices do you have that need charged via a USB cable?  Now, how many of those do you have to fumble around for the AC adapter to plug the cable into just so you can plug it into the wall?

Did you know that the current electrical outlets  you have in your home were designed in 1938 and with the exception of adding a grounding plug, have not changed since?  So if technology has changed the way it integrates in to our lives in the last 65 years, shouldn’t the outlets that power that technology have changed, too?

Introducing the Legrand Adorne products– switches, dimmers, and outlets designed for our modern lifestyle.  With their USB outlets, change out that existing electrical outlet to something that will directly power your USB devices without all the clutter of an AC adapter.  Just plug it in!  There’s more than enough power for not only charging cell phones, but for charging tablets and game devices, as well.

Legrand Adorne USB outletLegrand adorne pewter wall plate

The Adorne USB outlet easily switches out with the existing outlet in minutes.  There’s no need for new wiring.  From there, the outlet can be customized with a wide range of decorative wall plates to better fit the style and decor of your home.

And best of all, USB outlets are safer than regular electrical outlets, so there’s no need to worry about the little ones around the USB outlets. Update your home, and make your life less cluttered with Legrand Adorne from Lighting and Locks.


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