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"I hate choosing Patio and Deck Lighting."

Patio and Deck Lighting – Your Handy Guide to Winning Friends and Influencing Enemies through Your Deck and Patio Lighting

The world is a dark and scary place.  And it’s a lot scarier and darker at night, when it’s um… darker, because of that whole no-sun thing going on for nine hours.  Who knows what lurks out in the night?  Lions?  Tigers?  Bears?  Dick Cheney with a pellet gun?  Let me tell you, entertaining friends [...]

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Tips on How to Take your Christmas Rope Lights Down

Whether you just have a problem remembering to do it or you’re in denial until May, taking down your Christmas lights can be a pain. It doesn’t matter if they are rope lights or string lights, it can be a task that requires more than one person. Lighting And Locks has some tips on how [...]

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How to make your home more cozy with Interior and Exterior Lighting

A cozy home is one with proper lighting arranged for the purpose of each room and outdoor living area. Placement of interior and exterior lighting is best done in coordination with the seasonal change in degree of sunlight. It may seem like summer provides the optimal ambient light, but this light is often blocked both [...]

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Keep Cool Outside with Outdoor Fans and Lighting

Keep Cool Outside with Outdoor Fans and Lighting With summertime comes outdoor entertaining: barbeques, outdoor picnics, and pool parties. People walking around when it gets dark outside means there has to be proper lighting for your guests. Warm temperatures mean you should probably have some sort of cooling system in place so that your guests [...]

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Outdoor Entertaining for Memorial Day: Sweet Drink Ideas

Memorial Day weekend is upon us! It’s time to get out there and enjoy your outdoor space and celebrate the kickoff to summer. We’re sure you’ve already taken the time to spruce up the space with landscape lighting, outdoor fans, and other essential outdoor lighting fixtures. This way, your Memorial Day party can go on [...]

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Light the Night with Outdoor Lighting

Spring is here and summer is on its way, so it’s time to start thinking about the great outdoors. No, we’re not talking about the wilderness—we’re talking about the outside area around your home! Not only is landscape and pathway lighting beautiful, it can have safety benefits, too. After all, moving around outside in the [...]

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Light Up Your Landscape

With spring just around the corner, you’ll spend time maintaining your lawn, garden, and your home; it’s necessary to show off your hard work! Landscape lighting will make your home warm and inviting. In order to choose the best lighting for your landscape it is helpful to know the different types of outdoor lighting available. [...]

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Protect Your Home and Add to Its Appeal with Stylish Motion Detector Lights

When most of us hear the words ‘motion detector lights,’ our first thoughts are of the oversized spotlight variety. And while those are an economical, popular choice in motion detection, there is another side to this type of outdoor light that you might not be aware of. A very stylish side, in fact! If you [...]

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Update Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures to Stay Safe and Stylish!

It’s no secret that the small touches we make to the outside of our homes have a significant impact on their overall look and feel. Something as small as replacing a broken or weather-worn mailbox can be like a mini facelift for your front porch! Yes, just as the right accessories help us put our [...]

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