Light Up Your Landscape

With spring just around the corner, you’ll spend time maintaining your lawn, garden, and your home; it’s necessary to show off your hard work! Landscape lighting will make your home warm and inviting. In order to choose the best lighting for your landscape it is helpful to know the different types of outdoor lighting available.

Types of outdoor lighting:

Path and Spread: Path lights are low to the ground and show light down so you can see where you’re walking. Place along steps, walkways and driveways to increase safety and curb appeal for your home.

Spotlights: Position on the ground and faced upward; shed light on a rustic tree, planter, or flowers in your yard. Up light your house for a modern majestic appearance.

Deck and Patio: Subtly light up the woodwork by putting lights under rails or on deck posts which will create a relaxing ambiance on your porch for you and your family.

Specialty: Have fun specialty landscape lighting which creates unique décor and adds character to a lawn or garden. This includes torch lights, string lights, lanterns, and animal themed lights.

Underwater: Install inside the pond or among the waterfalls. Enjoy relaxing at night while still being able to gaze at the tranquil fixture.

By adding a special touch to your porch, walkway, or landscape, you will transform your home and have the neighbors asking how you did it. Light up the night with landscape lighting and enjoy the spotlight (no pun intended)!

Landscape Lighting

Light up the sidewalk with landscape lights!

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