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Tips on How to Take your Christmas Rope Lights Down

Don't compromise your safety when taking down Christmas lights this year!

Don’t compromise your safety when taking down Christmas lights this year!

Whether you just have a problem remembering to do it or you’re in denial until May, taking down your Christmas lights can be a pain. It doesn’t matter if they are rope lights or string lights, it can be a task that requires more than one person. Lighting And Locks has some tips on how to make this tedious process easier so you can get back inside to the warmth!

  • Make sure the weather is cooperating with you. If it’s snowing or raining, taking down these lights could be dangerous to your safety.
  • Make sure you unplug all lights before removal.
  • If the lights are stapled to your home in any way, make sure you gently remove them. Ripping out the staples can result in breaking the strand of lights or damage to your home.
  • When taking the lights down, make sure to have something to wrap around them so they don’t become tangled.
  • Remove any bulbs on string lights that are damaged or cracked. Replace them with working bulbs before storing them until next season.
  • Have someone hold the ladder firmly at the base so you do not fall.

Do you have more tips on how to properly take down your Christmas rope lights? Leave us a comment below!

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