Update Your Outdoor Lighting Fixtures to Stay Safe and Stylish!

It’s no secret that the small touches we make to the outside of our homes have a significant impact on their overall look and feel. Something as small as replacing a broken or weather-worn mailbox can be like a mini facelift for your front porch! Yes, just as the right accessories help us put our personal style stamp on an outfit, or change the style altogether, updating outdoor lighting fixtures lets us experiment with an array of appearances for our homes. But these updates go well beyond a beauty makeover; they can also enhance our safety in many ways. Let’s take a look at two popular reasons for lighting up the night…

I can see clearly now. The most immediately apparent way additional or better outdoor lighting can make your life safer and easier is rather simple – you’re no longer fumbling in the dark! As the days get shorter and shorter, many of us are arriving home most days after the sun has set. Whether we have our arms full of groceries, or are simply trying to get ourselves to the door without incident, a little light goes a long way. No more tripping on your kid’s bike or the neighbor’s cat!

I can make my home less of a target. Simply speaking, the easiest way to pull off a crime is to go unseen. And as such, the most appealing places to target as crime locations are those that would allow you to lurk in the shadows and move easily without detection. We understand that a crime can happen anywhere at any time, and don’t believe in living a life ruled by fear. But we do believe in taking simple, smart precautions whenever possible to make ourselves and our property a less likely target for everything from vandalism to burglary. Adding outdoor lighting fixtures to your home, particularly in areas that would be attractive to those attempting to break in or wait for you to return, can help save you or your home. Being considered unappealing was never so fantastic!

From outdoor post lighting that’s ideal for adding style and safety to a driveway, to outdoor hanging lights that bring a reliably rich glow to your porch, Lighting & Locks brings an extensive selection of options to light your way, keep criminals at bay, and importantly, make the neighbors a little jealous of your fabulous fixtures. ;)

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