Assessing Household Lighting Needs During Seasonal Transitions

The transition to fall summons a variety of activity and environment changes, and one of the least noticed but most important changes is that of natural lighting.  You already notice the length of the days shortening, but as summer’s heat fades into fall, you may be so consumed with the bustle of the season that you don’t immediately adapt your home décor to accommodate the changes.  Both interior lighting and exterior lighting needs will change, and it’s helpful to take a little time to make adjustments.

Exterior lighting fixtures should be inspected for damage and bulbs should be replaced as needed.  With earlier sundown times, more coming and going will be taking place during dusk and dark.  Make sure that walkways are well lit, and take time to check the condition of pathways and steps that may be harder to see at night.  Interior lighting is used for greater lengths of time as dusk arrives earlier each day.  Assess the types of bulbs you are using, exchanging energy saving choices where possible.  Consider replacing old fixtures that don’t accommodate modern bulb designs.  Updating your home décor can prove to be a budget friendly step as you reduce your energy expenditure.

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