Tips for Selecting the Best Ceiling Fan for Your Home

best ceiling fan

Pick the best ceiling fan for your home!

Now is the perfect time to pick the best ceiling fan for your home. Before you know it, Springtime will be here, and it will be time to begin construction and remodeling projects in earnest.  With so many unique ceiling fans to choose from, just picking out the best ceiling fan can be a challenge in itself.

Here are some handy tips to pick the best ceiling fan with lights or without for your home:

Best Ceiling Fan Size

The larger the room, the larger the fan you’ll need to choose.  Rooms around 225 square feet, such as a family room, will need a 52″ ceiling fan.  Rooms around 144 square feet, such as a bedroom, are perfect for 44″ ceiling fans, while 75 square feet rooms like a bathroom can take a 30″ fan.

Best Ceiling Fan Height

You’ll want your fan to be off the ground no lower than 7 feet, so be sure to take into the full height of the fan with any light kits or down rods that come with the fan.  The best height is between 8 and 9 feet off the floor, if possible.

Best Ceiling Fan Lighting

When selecting a fan, the amount of light you want in a room is a good consideration.  Ceiling Fan light kits come in all shapes and sizes, but the important thing to remember when selecting a light kit is that if you’re not sure you’ll need a lot of light, remember that you can always put in lower wattage bulbs for the perfect amount of light, but you can’t put in higher wattage bulbs for more light!

Best Ceiling Fan Warranty

Be sure to check the manufacturer’s warranty on the ceiling fans you are considering.  Ceiling fans are meant to last a lifetime, but unfortunately things do go wrong.  All fans offered by Lighting and Locks have a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, so when you buy ceiling fans online from us, you’ll never have to worry about your investment in your home.

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