Ceiling Medallions – A Chandelier’s Best Friend

Learn about the ways a ceiling medallion can help your decor!

Learn about the ways a ceiling medallion can help your decor!

If you’ve run into either of these scenarios, you need a Ceiling Medallion:  You’ve just bought your brand spankin’ new chandelier from Lighting and Locks, it’s arrived from FedEx, and you’ve taken down your old, chrome, polished-brass and seaweed colored chandelier from 1959 that you’ve hated ever since you bought the house.  There’s a big, ugly hole in the ceiling with wires sticking out, but that’s okay, because the new chandelier will cover it.  But to your horror, after wiring up the new chandelier, it’s canopy is too small for the hole!  Horror of horrors!

Or, your electrical wiring hole is off center from where you need to hang the chandelier, so you swag your chandelier over.  But it just looks so… PLAIN draped over like that, with nothing but a hook to hang it on when the fancy canopy is several feet away.

It happens.  It really does.  You’re not the only one, I promise.  But fortunately, there’s an easy fix!

Just what are Ceiling Medallions?

Ceiling Medallions are round, decorative medallions made of plaster that can be painted or can come already painted.  They’re light enough so that you can stick them on the ceiling with ease (via your favorite ceiling adhesive), but sturdy enough to last for as long as your chandelier lasts.  Ceiling Medallions come in all sorts of sizes and with many decorative patterns, so you can find one as unique as your personal style.

Ceiling Medallions to the Rescue!

This swagged chandelier really needs a Ceiling Medallion to help spice it up!

This swagged chandelier really needs a Ceiling Medallion to help spice it up!

12″ and 18″ ceiling medallions are perfect to help cover up that large electrical wiring hole, and your chandelier’s canopy will fit right on top (or technically, underneath) of the ceiling medallion.  They add a nice decorative flair to your ceiling, and no one will ever know that ugly hole was ever there!

Ceiling Medallions also spice up that boring swag hook your chandelier is draped on.  Paint to match your chandelier or ceiling.

And, of course, you don’t have to need either of the above reasons to use a ceiling medallion, as they make great accent pieces for any chandelier! Ceiling medallions can be used to match trim coloring and design, or to accent ceiling design in houses with carved and decorative ceilings.

Lil' Bub loves you!

Here’s a picture of Lil’ Bub for no reason!

No matter what your decor or design plan, a ceiling medallion can add that little touch that makes your room “finished.

Find all the ceiling medallions you could ever want here at Lighting and Locks.com.  And here’s a picture of Lil’ Bub, because Lil’ Bub loves you, and so do we!


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