How to Light your Home: Room-to-Room

Designs for home lighting are best accomplished on a room-by-room basis with reference to seasonal changes insunlight. Exterior and interior lighting can compliment or detract from home décor, so it is essential to choose the correct fixtures for the optimal light level needed for a room’s function. A south-facing orangery and a playroom orient to the north make great counter-examples for a look at interior lighting.

The playroom without deciduous trees shading the windows will receive optimum exterior lighting from the summer sun. During the early morning and late evening of summer, interior light is necessary for the room’s function. An alternative might be to close the playroom during those hours. There is no getting around the loss of sunlight during the winter. Lamps and other portable fixtures are off-limits for a playroom, so the choices are an overhead fixture or fixed wall fixtures of some type.

The orangery is always designed to maximize natural light. Most owners choose to protect their space from direct summer sun with deciduous shade-trees, yet there is still more than adequate exterior lighting for studying. Besides a directional lamp matched to the home décor, little else is required unless used for evening entertainment.

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