How to make your home more cozy with Interior and Exterior Lighting

A cozy home is one with proper lighting arranged for the purpose of each room and outdoor living area. Placement of interior and exterior lighting is best done in coordination with the seasonal change in degree of sunlight. It may seem like summer provides the optimal ambient light, but this light is often blocked both by the high angle of rays and deciduous plants. Placement of interior lighting can augment home décor, even becoming the centerpiece of a room, but it must always follow observation of natural light and the purpose of the room.

As an example, consider a south-facing study leading out to a wooden deck. The deck is shaded during the summer by a pecan tree, and the deck awning prevents the direct entry of sunlight. Light from the study shines out after dusk but is insufficient. Exterior lighting, such as LEDs, can be placed along the deck edges for the best diffusion. The study, which is well lit by the sun during winter days, may feature ornate lamps or a central fixture for summer and after-hours use. Interior lighting is often chosen to match existing home décor, but it may just as well be the organizing features.

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