How to Make Your Home Glow with Recessed Lighting

Bring some recessed lighting into your home for a cozy and warm glow!

A changing of seasons means a change in how much natural light is let into your home. When the air gets a little cooler and it becomes darker and darker when you wake up, perhaps a soft glow of light will help you get out of bed in the morning. At Lighting and Locks, we’re a huge fan of recessed lighting schemes that take your morning from dreary to bright! We have some great reasons why this type of lighting can work in your home and how it can give you the perfect touch of brightness any space needs!

They are classic looking: Recessed lighting has a great way of giving off a sophisticated feel to any room. With just enough light so everything is visible but enough to make the room feel dim, this kind of lighting can make any space feel comfortable.

It can highlight an object: Do you have pieces of art hanging from your walls? Recessed lighting can help bring the artwork to life. By placing a light directly above the piece, you can bring out the best features of the work. The same goes for pictures and other types of portraits.

They are energy saving: These lights use low-wattage bulbs, which use less electricity than a regular fixture. Plus, who wouldn’t love glowing light without the high energy costs?

Have more reasons why recessed lighting can be the best option for a home? Feel free to leave us a comment below!

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