How to Use Clear Rope Lights in the Summer Time

Summer Fourth of July parties, they’re fun and sometimes last far into the night. How do you keep the party going when it gets dark? has your solution: clear rope lights. These fun and easy to use lights are perfect for summer outdoor entertaining. We’ll give you a few ways to use these trendy and modern ways to use these lights!

  • String around the edge of your roof: Put on the outside of your gutters to give your outdoor patio a fun, and safe look. This will be just enough light to see what you’re doing and let your guests enjoy the party.
  • String on the railings of your deck: This idea is perfect if you have a very large deck. The clear rope lights will provide visual boundaries for people so they do not misstep or bump into anything. Also, strung around the deck railings can light the way for kids to see any hand holds walk in the dark.
  • String on the boundaries of your steps: By lighting your steps with rope light, your guests will see where they are going. If they are walking up the stairs, they are less likely to trip if they see a physical line where the step begins.

So make sure your outdoor party is well lit for all your guests with clear rope light. Have any other suggestions on how to light your patio or deck? Leave a comment below!

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