The Legrand Adorne Collection- Moving Your Home Beyond Ordinary

Legrand Adorne has something for everyone's style!

Legrand Adorne has something for everyone’s style!

Your home is a unique expression of your style and tastes.  Every room is a reflection of your individuality, from the master closet to the kitchen.  So why should you settle for the same light switches that are in every house?  Or the same outlets?  Why settle for having to paint a cheap plastic cover, when you can get switches, dimmers, and outlets that reflect the uniqueness of your home from Legrand Adorne?

Legrand Adorne’s Stylish Surprise

With almost 200 styles of wall plates to choose from, you don’t have to settle for those cheap white plastic covers hanging on your walls any longer.  From greys to golds, floral prints to wood prints, the Legrand Adorne collection has something for every style and taste.  Add a splash of color and fun to a child’s room, or blend in the switch in a bedroom.  The choice is yours.  With the Legrand Adorne collection, only your imagination is your limit.

Legrand Adorne- Touches of Brilliance

Legrand Adorne- Touches of Brilliance

Legrand Adrone’s Creative Convenience

All too often, you have to sacrifice convenience for style.  Not with the Legrand Adorne collection.  Have an area in the kitchen that tends to get splatters around the outlet?  Install a Legrand Adorne pop-out outlet, and never worry about spilling spaghetti sauce on an outlet again.  Tired of bulky cellphone chargers?  With a Legrand Adorne USB outlet, plug the cable directly into the

wall without having to search for where you put the adapter.  Hate fumbling for a light switch when you enter the room?  Replace it with Legrand Adorne’s motion-activated wave-light switch and enjoy the convenience of turning on your lights with a wave of your hand.  Or, go with a touch-control switch, which uses the same touch technology found in your smartphone to dim or brighten your room.

Legrand Adorne’s Quiet Comfort

In recent times, the kitchen has become the hub of our home.  Not only is it used for

Legrand Adorne - Live more, wire less

Legrand Adorne – Live more, wire less

preparing food, but it can also    be a hang-out place for kids, a place to entertain guests, and a place to unwind at the end of the day.  So if our lives have changed, so shouldn’t our kitchens?  Legrand Adorne offers unique

under-counter solutions for today’s modern home.  Now you can have your tablet computer propped up in its own spot and charging with the Legrand Adorne tablet cradle while you use it to search for recipes.  Take it one step further, and add the Legrand Adorne sound system for wireless speakers playing your favorite tunes.

No matter what your style or needs, find all the full range of  Legrand Adorne accessories at Lighting and Locks!

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