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Under-Cabinet Lighting – Choosing From the Options

In part one of our under-cabinet lighting blog extravaganza (two posts can be considered an extravaganza, right?), we discussed the things you needed to consider before you go out and buy under-cabinet lighting.  Thing such as color temperature, depth, and actual hot/cold temperature.  If you didn’t read that post, you can take it home and [...]

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Under-Cabinet Lighting- Choosing the Right Lighting

The dark spaces inhabiting your home can be scary places.  Who knows what evil lurks in those blackened pits of despair?  And there are none so insidious as those dark spaces under your cabinets.  (No, really.  I promise.  Okay, just go with it, okay?  Please?)  I mean, without light there, how can you tell if [...]

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Legrand Pop Out

Legrand Adorne- Your Guide to Adorne Systems

Legrand Adorne Switches and Dimmers The Legrand Adorne collection offers 7 type of wall switches. Each switch is compatible with the locator status LED to help find them in the dark. All switches are available in white or magnesium. Wireless Master switches can be combined with other wireless devices to control entire rooms with one [...]

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Legrand Adorne Installation -or- Is it really this easy?

  So, I see you’ve got your eye on the Legrand Adrone collection for your house.  No, no,it’s okay.  You and your old light switches had some good times, but in some relationships, there comes a point when in it’s time to move on.  And brother, it’s time to move on.  You may be comfortable [...]

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Legrand wall plates

The Legrand Adorne Collection- Moving Your Home Beyond Ordinary

Your home is a unique expression of your style and tastes.  Every room is a reflection of your individuality, from the master closet to the kitchen.  So why should you settle for the same light switches that are in every house?  Or the same outlets?  Why settle for having to paint a cheap plastic cover, [...]

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Legrand Adorne: The Most Stylish Lighting Accessories

When you think about redecorating your home do light switches or power outlets come to mind? If you stop and look at your décor, usually your power outlets and light switches are more like an eye-sore than an accent piece contributing to your home’s beauty. Drab colors and old technology are the main aspects of [...]

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Ceiling Lights – or – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Installing Ceiling Light Fixtures

Want to change out those ugly ceiling lights that have been hanging in your bedroom forever but don’t want to pay an electrician lots of $$$ for a five-minute job?  Let us show you exactly how easy replacing those old ceiling lights can be with these tips.  This guide will work for flush mounted ceiling [...]

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Bathroom Lighting – Selecting the Best Lights for Your Bathroom

As bathrooms become increasingly multi-functional, choosing the correct bathroom lighting is extremely important.  Lighting must be bright enough but also blend in with your home’s style.  Here are some great tips to help pick the best bathroom lighting for your home. Bathroom Lighting with Small Mirrors For bathrooms with smaller mirrors, consider placing a decorative [...]

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Choosing Between Suspended Ceiling Light Fittings

When considering options for suspended ceiling light fittings, it is a good idea to learn the alternatives you have to choose from. The two types of suspended ceiling light fittings are chandeliers and pendant lighting. Both types are available in a wide range suit any style. What factors should you use when deciding between chandeliers [...]

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Kitchen Lighting – Zen and the Art of Lighting Your Kitchen

Choosing just the right Kitchen Lighting can be a difficult task. The kitchen is the busiest room in your house.  It could also be used as a dining room or a room to gather with friends and family.  It’s important to choose the right lighting for your kitchen for whatever role it takes on in [...]

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